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Auto glass repairing

There is no need to rush to change the cracked glass – often cracks can be repaired. Glass repair takes up to 30 minutes and costs much less than glass replacement . Using the special equipment, we fill the cracks with special liquid polymers, which restores the original strength and transparency of the glass. If the glass is damaged so much so that the repair is not possible, our masters quickly and qualitatively replace it with a new one. IMPORTANT! If your cars glass is damaged – immediately stick the dint / decomposition with the sticky tape. This will prevent against dust and humidity access to cavity decay, so repairing the glass will obtained a much better result.

Responsible drivers take care of the vehicles they drive so that they are technically in order and safe not only for themselves but also for other road users. Car glass is that part of the car that is very important to visibility, so it is natural that damaged glass has a negative effect on visibility, which presupposes a higher risk of accidents. Car glass repair is a service that is needed in the event of major or minor damage to the car glass.

Change or repair?

In the event of damage to the car glass, is it considered whether to replace the glass or repair it? Don’t be in a hurry to set yourself up for a glass replacement right away. Rely on the opinion of specialists who will give you detailed information and advice to make a decision.

Very often the cracking of the glass can be repaired, avoiding the replacement of the glass – you will save both time and money. Repairing car windshields often takes up to 30 minutes. Auto glass repairs are performed by filling the crack with liquid polymers, which restores the original strength and transparency of the glass.

Break repairing

A special tool called a bridge is used to repair the puncture, into which special liquid polymers Equalizer are injected. The bridge forms a pressure during which the compressed polymers are pumped into the cavity and filled. The polymers are then cured using an ultraviolet lamp and become clear as glass. After such a crash repair, even 99 percent. the breakage no longer breaks, and the glass regains its original transparency!

Auto glass cracked: what to do?

If the car’s glass breaks, it is necessary to take certain measures to prevent the situation from deteriorating further during the operation of the car, and the costs of future repairs will not increase. So, IMPORTANT! If your car’s glass breaks, immediately seal the break / crack with adhesive tape. This will protect the resulting fission cavity from dust and moisture and will ensure a better car glass repair result. It is important that you do not delay the repair of the glass, as the cracked glass is likely to continue to break, which will increase future costs or even cause the glass to need to be replaced.

So when even the slightest crack occurs, go to a specialist immediately. We are waiting for you so that we can take care of the repair of your car’s glass!

Auto glass repairing. We offer you:

  • quality car glass repair services;

  • efficiency;

  • professional work;

  • excellent service.

Auto glass repairing: why use our services?

For you – a professional auto glass repair, which will be performed by competent specialists in this field. Car glass repairs are performed using modern materials and modern specialized equipment, which ensures fast and professional work and excellent results.

If it is not possible to repair the crack in the glass of your car, our specialists will replace it with a new one.

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