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There are cases when poor quality glued glass comes off after a while, water starts to run into the cabin or the wind whistles while driving. The car glass is not always glued correctly - this usually happens when, without experience, you try to do it yourself or entrust your car to unskilled craftsmen. Poor quality glued glass increases the permeability to moisture and water, the glass starts to dew, the glass becomes brittle and cracks can occur. Because the windshield strengthens the car's body, it is especially important that it is glued with good quality. Otherwise, the glass can easily fall out and deform the car roof during an impact.

Our craftsmen can seal the poorly glued windshield or rear window of the car, or, if necessary, reassemble the glass with high quality. Our staff with many years of experience will answer all your questions and ensure the smooth running of the work.

Car glass gluing, replacement and glass repair is highly dependent on the professionalism, knowledge and experience of the repair staff. We guarantee that our car service specialists will take care of your car's windows properly and perform the full range of services with high quality. Our range of services includes not only car glass gluing, but also glass repair, glass replacement, car window tinting with film, car headlight polishing and more.

The gluing of car glass, when it was previously glued with poor quality, consists of the following stages:

  • Removable windshield wipers and trim elements.
  • Removable glass.
  • The body is cleaned of residual glue, dirt, dust and, if necessary, corrosion is removed.
  • The body and glass are prepared for gluing according to the manufacturer's technological requirements.
  • The glass to be glued and all the finishing elements and wipers are folded back.

When is it necessary to glue the car glass?

Water accumulates in the car cabin, but can't find a problem? There have been many corrosion fireplaces and the glass is preventing them from being removed? Is there a wind in the cabin or a windshield? It is possible that the glass of your car has come off. In this case, the glass should be re-glued. It’s almost the same job as changing glass. It all depends on the professionalism of the masters who used to stick. If the glass has been installed in accordance with the requirements, there should be no trouble. When gluing glass, the sealing rubber often has to be replaced. The process of changing or gluing the glass of each car is different and individual, so only by contacting us you will receive complete information about gluing the glass of your car.

Why is it important to re-glue the car glass properly if it is installed in poor quality, even though it adheres perfectly?

Every driver is responsible for leaving the road with a technically sound car. This is important not only for the safety of the driver, but also for the safety of the passengers, as well as all other road users. Almost a third of the strength of a car’s structure depends on the car’s windshield. In the event of an accident, incorrect attachment of the windscreen to the car body can lead to deformation of the roof. The performance of most front airbags also depends on how the windshield is fitted. Only when the windshield is glued correctly and with good quality can the airbags deploy effectively. The windscreen is important for the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of any collision. The glass is replaced according to the technologies specified by the manufacturers, using high-quality materials and special tools.

Car glass gluing must be done very carefully, responsibly. Our team is competent specialists who are confident in their work with their accumulated knowledge and skills. We focus on quality and efficiency to provide you with high-quality glass replacement services as soon as possible.

We transfer glass for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, minibuses, trucks and other heavy vehicles. Whatever the breakage or condition of your vehicle's glass, Glasauta will help you, because car glass is our area of specialization. Our team members are constantly improving their skills to offer you the highest quality services. Auto glass is re-glued or replaced using advanced equipment, professional tools that ensure fast and high-quality work. We use only professional materials. We look at each order responsibly.

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