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Modern car owners have long known the ability to open car windows using window regulators. Window regulators are used to raise and lower the car window. Most cars have power windows that are operated at the touch of a button. Mechanical window lifters are also used in the automotive industry today. But what if the window doesn’t close or doesn’t open, or if the glass has fallen on the car door? Leaving such a car on the street can make it a long-fingered target or it can simply fill the car’s interior.

Window regulator repair is a service that will help you, save time and money. We repair window lifters of all brands. If necessary, we produce new glass holders and rewind cables. Our specialists will quickly identify the fault and fix it. We repair the mechanical part of the car’s windshield lifting mechanism.

Why choose window regulator repair?

  • Repairing car windshields is often cheaper than replacing the entire mechanism.
  • Window lifters for older or rarer cars may need to be shipped from abroad and this will take a long time.
  • It is enough to bring only the window mechanism for repairs, the car itself is not necessary.
  • When the window regulators are not working, the car is considered unsafe.
  • A faulty window lifter can damage the car’s windscreen.
  • We provide a guarantee for our work.

Each car has a different design of the lifting mechanism, so it is better not to repair it yourself, but entrust it to our specialists.

Types of window mechanisms:

  • Cable type
  • Leverage type
  • Rack type

Parts of the window mechanism:

  • Cables
  • Deflectors
  • Leverages

Power windows have already become an integral part of the car’s comfort system. They provide extra comfort for the driver and passengers. In modern cars, the power windows are almost pushed out of the electronic ones. The new type of window lifters is installed in the door frame, on a separate auxiliary frame or body.

The most common symptoms of window malfunctions:

  • The window falls down inside the door
  • Sound when a window moves up or down
  • The window rises slowly, jams, or does not close completely
  • The window scrolls up or down at an angle
  • When you press the window switch, you hear the window motor running, but the window does not move.

As the car’s electric windows are also important for your safety, we recommend that you visit a car service center as soon as possible if you suspect that you have a problem with the window mechanism. It is better to entrust the replacement or repair of window regulators to specialists, as special tools are required to perform this procedure. Our service specialists will help you and repair the window lifting mechanisms of all brands of cars.

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