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Don’t have the time or opportunity to come to us? Don’t worry! Our MOBILE SERVICE is ready to replace the glass of your car in a convenient place for you, in your garage, near your home or workplace. Also, in case of bad weather conditions, when we cannot perform quality work in the place of your choice – we can arrive, pick up your car, return it to our service, and after changing the glass, deliver it back to you.

We are well aware that time is of the essence in the car repair process. If we can schedule and postpone some work when the best time comes, some work simply cannot be postponed because it is simply not possible to continue to operate a vehicle in that condition. In this case, it may be difficult for you to bring your car to us – therefore we provide a mobile service, during which we can come to a convenient place for you and repair, glue or replace the car glass in the place of your choice. Whether your car is unsafe to drive due to the breakage of the windshield or its absence at all, or simply your schedule does not allow you to visit our garage. Or maybe your vehicle is bulky and it would be very inconvenient (or maybe even dangerous) to transport large glass without risking breaking it. Contact Glasauta – we will arrange a time and we will come to you, where all the necessary mobile service work will be performed.

Our Glasauta auto service not only provides glass replacement or repair services, but can help when you want to beautify your car. If you want to darken the windows and change the look of your car, you can feel free to contact us with any questions and about prices. If you have noticed that the car or headlight windows have lost their normal appearance and are noticeably scratched, frosted, then we offer a car headlight polishing service. This will significantly update the look of the plastic headlights and give the car a much better overall look.

Mobile windshield replacement

Our highly qualified, certified automotive windshield technicians install only the highest quality automotive windshields and seals to keep your new windshield working as expected.

Mobile windshield repair

A small crack or break in the windshield is a major safety issue. Glazing repairs the defects of the windshield by injecting special liquid polymers, popularly called liquid glass, into the damaged part of the glass.

Mobile car glass repair or replacement service

Our mobile service provides convenient windshield replacement and repair at your chosen location. With our mobile car service, you will receive the same services that we provide in a live car service, but it may be much more convenient for you if we come to the place of your choice.

Advantages of mobile service

Plan and arrange with us the replacement or repair of your car windows online or by phone. You will not need to drive to our car service or take care of transporting the vehicle if it is not currently in use. You will save time, because while we are replacing or repairing the glass of your car, you will not have to wait in our car service or “push” time somewhere else – you will be able to continue your usual activities that you did before our arrival. Also – no waiting in our auto service queues, which can occur when the repair arrives at the place.

  • First, the wipers are removed, and the plastic and rubber trim around the glass is removed.
  • The windshield is carefully cut to avoid damage to the paint or adhesive surface.
  • The car body is prepared for gluing new glass: the remnants of old glue are removed, the gluing areas are treated with special primers and activators recommended by car manufacturers to ensure that the glass is glued with high quality and for a long time.
  • Like the body, new glass is prepared for gluing.
  • Special glass glue is applied to the glass and the glass is put in place.
  • The trim is reassembled and the wipers are replaced.


Other mobile service services

Our mobile service is not limited to glass repair and replacement. Our specialist is ready to repair, replace windshields, side windows, quarter windows (fortkes), skylights … Our mobile service experts will advise you whether your glass can be repaired or should be replaced.



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