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Often due to environmental influences, salts that are spread on the roads in winter, and other extraneous factors, the headlights of your car’s headlights become frosted, opaque, which greatly impairs the intensity of the light emitted. Over time, under the influence of the environment, the car’s headlights begin to turn yellow, becoming matte. Scratches can also occur.
Scratches, fading, glass matte damage not only the overall appearance of the car, but also the quality of headlight performance. When faded, matte lights block and distort the light beam. This means that the so-called “beam” disappears, making it impossible to properly adjust the direction of the light emitted by the car’s headlights. With such lights in the dark of the day, you will dazzle the drivers of oncoming cars, which is very unsafe. In addition, your car will simply not meet the requirements for roadworthiness testing, which may result in a ban on operation.

Our craftsmen, in just an hour, restore the original transparency and shine of the headlight lenses, which restores the ability to adjust the headlights correctly and simply greatly improves the aesthetic appearance of your car. In addition, polishing headlights costs incomparably less than new headlights.

The faded color of the car’s headlights, the glass, the frosted, small scratches, the lost lights are all the unpleasant details that spoil the look of the car. Entrust these worries to professionals and you will be able to enjoy great results. Our team of experienced specialists will quickly and qualitatively polish your car in order not only to improve its aesthetic appearance, but also to make driving (especially in the dark) much easier and more comfortable. Polishing the car’s headlight glass will mask scratches and make the glass more resistant to the environment.

Why is car headlight polishing necessary?

By polishing the car’s headlights, the headlights illuminate the road better, and the car’s headlight scatter the light rays correctly. Therefore, when visibility is better, the journey becomes safer. In addition, high-quality polishing of car headlights restores proper light transmission. Proper light transmission also improves the driver’s visibility. Renovating and polishing the headlights provides better illumination of the road, scattering the light rays correctly, making the journey safer. It becomes much easier to drive, especially at night in fog and rainy weather, when visibility is already very poor. And what’s more, let’s not forget the fact that polished car headlights are becoming noticeably more beautiful.

Plastic car headlights wear out faster than glass ones because they are damaged by pebbles and temperature changes. As a result, the headlight lenses start to turn yellow, light transmission is significantly reduced, and light rays are distorted. The aesthetic appearance of the car is also affected. It is unpleasant to drive such a car, and it does not meet the technical requirements.

However, if the car’s headlights are worn, it does not mean that they need to be replaced. They can be updated simply by high-quality polishing. When car headlights are polished, their windows become clear again. The car headlight then also acquires the light conductivity and aesthetic appearance it previously had. With high-quality and proper polishing of car headlights, they will serve perfectly and will not lose their valuable properties until they are scratched again by pebbles, weather conditions and dust. If the lamp is polished incorrectly, it starts to fade and becomes matte much faster.

Polishing a car headlight is a great alternative to replacing a headlight

Polished headlights are much cheaper than buying new ones. When polishing car headlights, we professionally remove the yellowed and oxidized layer of headlights, remove all scratches and carefully polish the headlights. Polishing is a great alternative to replacing a lamp.

Headlight polishing in a glazed garage can be done without removing the headlight from the car. This saves you time and money. Removing the headlight usually costs extra, takes extra time, and polishing the head without removing it from the car saves both time and money.

Polishing of car headlights can also be done for removed headlights. If you have bought used headlights and they are not completely transparent, then you can avail this service before installing them in your car.

How to maintain car headlights after polishing to keep them transparent for longer?

It is very important to wash the car cleanly and properly. This requires standard tools – a water hose, a bucket, shampoo and cloths to dry the car. A special shampoo for cars should also be used. It is important not to use household cleaners as they can damage the rubber and plastic parts of the car and damage the paintwork.

When washing a car you need to start from the top and go down. Each part should be rubbed with a sponge or brush. A separate brush must be used for the rims. Because they are much dirtier, and there may be pebbles stuck between the rims. And if you scrub the body and wheels with the same sponge – you will just scratch the body additionally. The car should be washed in a cool place or in a cool place – so that the surface of the car is not hot. So the car should be washed in the morning or evening. And if you decide to do it on a hot day – it is better to do it in the shade. Just on the hot surface, the water evaporates very quickly and you see signs of water runoff.

The car does not need to be allowed to dry on its own at all. It needs to be drained. Special sponges are used for this. Of course, you can also find a natural fabric towel or cloth at home. Synthetic fabrics do not absorb liquid, so obviously not suitable for this job.

After washing the car, it is possible to polish the car headlight windows and at home using a special polishing paste. However, when polishing a car, the rule applies – the faster the work, the shorter the result. Giving a car a shine is not difficult, but making the result lasting is certainly not easy. Therefore, in order to achieve a long-term result, polishing is best entrusted to professionals in the field.

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